Multiple types of crowdfunding models

We make it easy to launch and/or upgrade your own platform or campaign with customization features and business analytics. 

  • Reward based
  • Subscription based
  • Equity based

Customized technical solutions

We can provide the full technical infrastructure needed for crowdfunding platforms and campaigns or integrate our solution with an already established front-end and/or services.

  • Managed and scalable cloud-hosted services
  • API based back-end
  • Integrates with various services e.g. payment services

Together we raise the bar

Collaborate with a team that is trusted by numerous crowdfunding platforms and has operated a world record crowdfunding platform for many years.

  • Consulting, training and best-practices
  • Data analytics
  • Experience of implementing solutions in different regulatory territories

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"I can testify to the professional quality of Karolina Engine activities in the area of crowdfunding, as well as their technical leadership."
Dr. Rotem ShneorAssociate Professor, University of Agder

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