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Our Crowdfunding and Co-Creation solution enables public institutions, companies, creators and the public to participate in projects that improve society and promote increased community innovation.

Solutions that fit every culture

The play that would have failed without public support

Public Institutions and Municipalities

Intelligently designed solutions for co-creation, idea sharing, voting and match-funding. Our platform makes it easier to be innovative, user-friendly, transparent and participatory.

Innovative companies

Be a socially responsible company. Take part in contributing to a better society by engaging with the public and your employees on a digital platform.

Creators and Charities

Crowdfunding can be a smart way to raise funds for creators or charities that offer a product, service or support a cause. We also offer crowdfunding subscriptions and the possibility to offer products or services for sale on a marketplace.

Media and Press

User generated events and entertainment that can populate any type of media and press. Perfect way to enable your audience to create content for your community.

Build your own solution


Raise funds for projects that offer a product or service. With rewards-based crowdfunding, pledgers can earn rewards based on the amount they donate.


Offer a multi-tiered subscription service where users donate a continuous small amount of money rather than few supporters donating a huge amount of money at once.


Allow your creators to keep there dream alive after crowdfunding by allowing them to sell their product or service via marketplace.


For small to medium-sized companies that are seeking a large amount of capital to launch or grow their business.  


Citizens can easily create and develop projects together and put them up for review to the crowd or authorities. The objective can be to solve problems, make experiments, suggest improvements, or create new ones.


Our platform consists of several features that can be combine to meet your demands. Here are our most popular combinations.


Starting at
a month
  • Reward based
  • Subscription based
    Equity based
  • Marketplace for aftersale


Starting at
a month
  • Co-creation
  • Voting
  • Grants and non-financial support
  • Matchfunding


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About Karolina

Helping creators since 2012

We create smarter crowdfunding- and co-creation solutions. We enable public institutions, social responsible companies and the public to participate in projects that improve society and promote increased community innovation.

Many know us from our local platform in Iceland, that has since 2012 enabled many hundreds of projects to be funded with the help of over tens of thousands people in a country with only 300.000 inhabitants

We are the winners of the Nordic Startup Awards - Best Social Tech Startup in the Nordics 2016 and Nordic Startup Awards - Best Fintech Startup in Iceland 2017.

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