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We provide full technical infrastructure needed and our solutions can be integrated with an already established front-end/design. If you prefer we can take care of hosting, while you take care of your projects.

We have experience of implementing solutions and payment gateways in different countries and regulatory territories. Our team offers consulting and training, utilizing data and split testing to drive customer engagement and success. All solutions are built on the Karolina Engine platform.

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Civic Crowdsourcing
Democratize your city, municipality or government on a digital platform.
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Traditional Crowdfunding
Create or upgrade your own crowdfunding platform for greater success.
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Single Campaign
Reach beyond with a crowdfunding campaign for charities, causes and other hot topics.
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Karolina Fund Team

We know crowdfunding

We have been running and building crowdfunding solutions since 2012, cooperating with leading crowdfunding platforms, research institutions, governments and cities. We are the co-founders of the Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance. 15-20% of the adult population in Iceland have used our domestic crowdfunding platform,

We can proudly claim that we know crowdfunding.

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