Civic Crowdsourcing

Democratize your government, city or municipality on a digital platform.

Intelligently designed platform solution for projects, experiments, idea sharing and match-funding. Our platform makes it easier to face increased demands by citizens to be more open, transparent and participatory. This is the essence of crowdsourcing, the democratisation of decision-making, allowing the crowd to pull their resources together and act as one to make something a reality.

Key features

Match-funding mechanisms

Projects have the opportunity to go to a crowdfunding phase, where others get a chance to support and finance experiments they believe in. Platform owners can curate the most prominent ideas and allow participation in their development and funding, e.g. by using match funding mechanism to match the funds raised through the crowd-funding process.

User friendly project management

Citizens can easily, create and develop projects together and put them up for review to the crowd or authorities. The objective can be to solve problems, experiment, suggest improvements for outdated solutions, or create new ones.

Flexible and Customizable Api

Karolina Engine’s API is easy to manage and communicate with. Platforms can take care of their own hosting and front-end design, where they can use programming language of their choice, such as HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Simple Platform Backend

For user and project registration, curation process, authentication, password management and user profile editing.

Integration with your preferred payment option

With so many powerful and popular payment gateways around, how does one know he’s chosen the right one? We have experience of implementing payment gateways specifically for crowdfunding in different countries and regulatory territories.

Reporting & Dashboard

Immediately gain valuable insights by seeing your data visually represented in graphs, tables and highlighting important figures. This allows you to quickly reveal opportunities or even problems to the platform which were otherwise unnoticed.