About Karolina

We create smarter crowdfunding- and co-creation solutions. We enable public institutions, social responsible companies and the public to participate in projects that improve society and promote increased community innovation. Our technology is being used by numerous customers in Europe.

Helping creators since 2012

We measure our success by new ways we discover to make creative projects happen and the social impact they have on their communities.

Many know us from our local platform in Iceland karolinafund.com, that has since 2012 enabled many hundreds of projects to be funded with the help of over tens of thousands people in a country with only 300.000 inhabitants.

We are the winners of the Nordic Startup Awards - Best Social Tech Startup in the Nordics 2016 and Nordic Startup Awards - Best Fintech Startup in Iceland 2017.

The Karolina Team

Ingi Rafn Sigurðsson


Sævar Ólafsson


Brynjólfur Sigmarsson


Dani Planinc


Magnús Elvar Jónsson


Þórarinn Jóhannsson


Jónmundur Gíslason


Lárus Lúðsviksson

Administrator of bean-counting