Karolina Users

Here are few examples of how the platform is being used already today

Finlands largest reward based crowdfunding platform

Mesenaatti is a Finnish crowdfunding service, founded in the Fall 2012. Its purpose is to promote Finnish cultural, social and business sectors.Mesenaatti.me is Finland’s first and largest reward based crowdfunding service, and also the biggest in the Nordic countries.

Mesenaatti invites individuals, teams, communities, associations, organisations and companies, both established actors and newcomers alike, to showcase their projects and apply for crowdfunding. The platform is running on our technology, with it’s own front-end connected with API’s to the back end.

See Mesenaatti.me in action

Largest reward based crowdfunding platform in Iceland

Karolina Fund boasts a world record 76 % success rate and has been used by 20-25% of the adult population of Iceland, which are exceptional metrics in the industry.  

In this small country, close to €4M EUR have been raised for hundreds of creative projects since 2012. Projects on the platform have changed Iceland's development after the 2008 financial crisis, creating hundreds of new jobs and businesses.

Our team developed the platform from scratch. The platform has received multiple rewards and recognition in the European crowdfunding industry

See more at karolinafund.com

Citizen-driven innovation platform in Finland

Civic crowdsourcing platform for PM office in Finland
This digital platform's aim is to support the finnish government’s key goal of supporting an experimental culture to find innovative ways to develop public services. 

The aim of Place to Experiment is to highlight innovative solutions and improvements in services, promote individual initiatives and make use of citizen-driven operating practices. 

The platform is a co-production between Karolina Fund, the Finnish PM office and the largest crowdfunding platform in Finland, Mesenaatti.me.