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The Karolina Platform

Every platform has it's own needs according to their community and we will help you find the right format for you to get the benefit for your community.

The Karolina Platform consists of 4 major components: Co-Creation, Crowdfunding, Subscriptions and Marketplace. These components are created to co-exist and will allow your community to get creative about how to make them come to reality, but in some cases it might be better to have a simple flow for example just a straight forward Crowdfunding without all the others.

The Project Flow

Everything starts with an idea, but unfortunately that is the most common stage where they also disappear. That is why we put extra attention into helping our users define their ideas better right from start by going through a Problem Analysis in the first steps to make sure that it gets a good beginning. Depending on the idea it might need some feedback from the community or even help solving problems that is so important in the process to identify early.

One off/everything or nothing crowdfunding might be a great way to create urgency for an event type of project but for content creators like podcasters a subscription modeled project might be the way to go. After a successful campaign you can keep the momentum by adding your product to Marketplace.

The Admin

As a platform admin you have complete overview how the incoming project pipeline looks like.

With the internal communication system you can guide your users within in the platform on how to improve projects and answer customer question.

The Project Editor

Getting started with a project happens in only few simple steps of problem analysis. After that the users can bring their projects alive through intuitive project editor, adding rich media and further information to make their project look the best.

Demo Community Site

We have setup a demo site for you to try out some of our basic features where you can sign up, go through simple problem analysis and try out our project editor.

Click here to explore the Karolina Community Demo Site


Citizens can easily create and develop projects together and put them up for review to the crowd or authorities. The objective can be to solve problems, make experiments, suggest improvements, or create new ones.

This increases transparency and with communication with centralised channel for everyone to exchange views and ideas.


inclusive way of allowing every voice to be heard.

Solution orientated  

Guidance through defining goals and risk analysis.


Drive innovation bottom up and create positive impact from within.


This is the core solution where creators can create urgency and appeal to their community.

Raise funds for projects that offer a product or service. With rewards-based crowdfunding, pledgers can earn rewards based on the amount they donate.

Market fit

A great tool for seeing if a product or service is ready for the market.


Drive engagement and innovation in communities


Allow the community to prioritise innovation according to their needs.


Perfect for creating robust business with secured revenue stream both for platform and creators.

Offer a multi-tiered subscription service where communities contribute a continuous small amount of money rather than few supporters donating a huge amount of money at once.

Follow up

Transition your campaign into a subscription business.


Allows creators to have direct contact with their community.




Allow your creators to keep their dream alive after crowdfunding by allowing them to sell their product or service via marketplace.

Users can offer products or services in an easy and affordable manner and increase trust and digital visibility of products and services.
Offer a variety of products and services to attract diverse customer base

Save time

Seamlessly transition crowdfunding campaign into e-commerce.

Follow up

Allow creators follow up on their dream after crowdfunding by selling product or service.

Builds Tru

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The perfect opportunity to connect businesses to local investors.

The Equity Solution enables all types of investors to invest in businesses they believe in and share in their success. Companies can be in different stages everything from bootstrapped startup to medium sized seeking a large amount of capital to launch or grow their business.

Positive impact

Great way to drive innovation in local communities


Builds culture and engagement   for all corners of your community


Safe way to invest in serious project and follow the project process